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Jerky is our Speciality

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   Juicy Jerky has been offering delicious, unique flavors
using Beef, Elk, Venison and Buffalo for 27 years - Guaranteed to satisfy!

Beef Jeky thin.jpg

Our Beef Jerky is sliced thin and is drier than our other jerky with herbs and spices that bring a delicious flavor you're going to love

Beef Jerky 

Big Game Jerky thin.jfif

Big Game Jerky

Juicy Jerky Big Game meat is tender & soft. You'll find a variety of flavors to please from sweet & tangy to spicy hot! You've got to try it.

Pine Nuts v2.jpg

Pinon Nuts

Pinon Nuts are a variety of pine nuts but have a superior flavor - smooth & buttery.

Corn nuggets 2.jpg

Corn Nuggets

Corn Nuggets (or nuts) are a healthy, portable snack for those on the run.  We offer 5 delicious flavors!

Smoked beef dill.jpg

Smoked Meats 

Smoked Beef Jerky Sticks provide a nutritious source of high-quality protein. Delicious!


Raw Honey 

Raw honey is one of nature's Super Foods!


What our customers are saying about Juicy Jerky

Beef Jeky thin.jpg

Mark B.

Very high quality jerky!!

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